Westfield NJ Dog Walking

From one animal lover to another – We Understand.

We know how difficult it is to find a reliable and caring pet sitter or a dog walker in Westfield NJ. But, the fact that it is difficult to find one says a lot about how much you love your pet. If you live in Westfield, make your pets one of Sal's Pals. Then you can be sure that they will always be happy, energetic, and rested.

At Sal’s Pals, we are dedicated to making each day better for your pets. Here’s how we do it.

Our Walks Are Designed Well

We make dog-walking fun. When your dogs are out with our dog walker in Westfield, NJ, be assured that they are having a lot of fun. We plan the walks based on the abilities of the individual dog(s).

A younger dog may want to bounce around and play during a walk. On the other hand, an older dog may prefer a peaceful stroll. Either way, we are game. We want your dog to enjoy the walk, and we know all the tricks of the trade to make that happen.

We Send a Familiar Face

Dogs are just full of love, and they like to make new friends. They form emotional bonds quickly. That is why they get sad when they don’t see you for a long period even after they have been with you for a short time. Likewise, changing a dog walker every day can make them anxious. We don’t let that happen. You will always get the same dog walker for your family dogs so that your canine friends are their happy and lively best.

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

Our founder, Sal Mavaro, is a longtime dog owner and is dedicated to providing your pet friends with the best care. His passion for caring for pets stems from his lifelong love for pets and his two dogs – Briar and Baxter. With Sal’s Pals, he wants to provide an answer to all the everyday problems that dog lovers and other pet owners face. He has done extensive research on dog walking and dog behavior. He is a regular at all of the dog parks in and around Westfield NJ, and he just plain loves dogs and dog walking. All of our dog walkers are animal lovers and are experienced with dogs.

We Don’t Just Take Care - We Care

We love dogs, cats and all kinds of pets. We get to know your pet and their individual needs, so when your pet is with us, their care is tailored to them. We make sure that we strike the right balance between rest, play and exercise for your pet.

If you are looking for a dog walker in Westfield, NJ, get in touch with Sal’s Pals. We also offer other pet care services including pet sitting and boarding services. These services are available for cats, house rabbits, birds, reptiles, hamsters, aquatic pets, and arthropods.

Need a dog walker in Westfield? Contact Sal's Pals today!