All the stuff you need to know.


  1. Visit times: Sal's Pals Pet Care Provider will visit at the requested times as closely as possible. However, if we are caring for multiple pets, the times may be shifted a little to accommodate our clients. We will do our very best to arrive at the appointed times and will notify you in the event that we are unable to do so.
  2. Recommended Supplies: Sal's Pals recommends that you have accessible:
    • Leash and Collar in good working condition with Identification and State/Local License tags;
    • Dog Food and/or Treats;
    • Poop bags;
    • Toys;
    • Brush and Comb;
    • Drying Towel and Paper Towels;
  1. Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, Sal's Pals has requested on your contract the name and phone number of a person living nearby (Emergency Contact). If Sal's Pals is physically unable to reach your home due to impassable roads, please provide us with this information so that we can contact this person to request assistance. Your pets' health and wellbeing is our utmost concern and we will contact you as soon as possible to keep you informed of these events.
  2. Additional Pet Care Assistance & Other Scheduled Services:We all want our pets to have all the love and attention they deserve, but please be advised that if there are other persons entering and leaving your home, Sal's Pals can not be held liable for any damages or problems that may arise as a result. Please inform us at the time of the consultation of anyone who may have access to your home while you are away. This includes cleaning services, repairpersons, friends, family and neighbors. Sal's Pals does not accept liability for other persons who will be in your home during pet care and health services.
  3. Vaccinations or Immunizations: Sal's Pals requires that all pets have the necessary vaccinations and immunizations before service begins. We reserve the right to for the expiration dates of rabies vaccinations.
  1. Unforeseen purchases: Sal's Pals will purchase pet food, litter, cleaning supplies or other necessary items that contribute to the health and well being of your pet while you are absent. We will retain a receipt and the pet owner is responsible for reimbursement of these items. No additional fee will be charged to the pet owner for this service.
  2. Pet waste: Sal's Pals will properly dispose of all pet waste. We do request that you provide plastic bags for this purpose and indicate where you would like these waste bags disposed.
  3. Leashes: All dogs will be required to be on leash during outdoor walks, unless the Off-Leash Walking Permission Form has been signed by the Pet Owner.
  4. Animal Behavior: Animals behavior can be unpredictable. Sal's Pals does not accept responsibility or liability for animal behavior, normal or otherwise, which results in injury to the client's animals. Further, if a Sal's Pals Pet Care provider is harmed or injured by the client's