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Happy Gio After His Walk!

Posted on Jan 17th 2019

One happy dog!

Welcome Denver!

Posted on Jan 7th 2019

Introduce you to my newest Pal, Denver… She is a 6 month old mixed breed. Denver is a little cutie pie, as she has such a cute and innocent face… But don’t let that face fool you, as she is live wire, packed with energy; she actually makes the Energizer Bunny look like a slacker… Denver loves to play fetch and tug, but her favorite is to play with the big dogs; as she is always right in the middle, stirring things up… She actually reminds me of Reese (when she was a puppy) a little bit…


Posted on Jan 2nd 2019

Introducing my newest PAL Dexter.. He is a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback… Dexter big boy, who is very gentle and compliant… He is alsom very unique Ridgeback, as he does not have a “Ridge”…. Dexter enjoys his walks, as he sniffs everything we pass: but he really enjoys walks with oter dogs, especially Briar, who has become his best buddy… Dexter is a popular fellow, as he has his own Instagram page, Dexter.the.ridgless… Help me in welcoming Dexter.

Happy Birthday Ringo!

Posted on Dec 25th 2018

Introducing our newest Pal Zoe

Posted on Dec 21st 2018

Very happy to now be walking our newest Pal Zoe! Isn’t Zoe an adorable dog?